These fees apply to the following:

  • All tamariki aged 1 year – 3 years, or who are otherwise ineligible for 20 Hours ECE.
  • All tamariki whose parents/caregivers have not completed the required documentation to receive 20 Hours ECE such as a Ministry of Education Attestation form.
 Charge per hour  $8.50 per hour $9.50 per hour
 Full day  9.00am – 3.00pm  $51.00 per day $57.00 per day
 Optional Charge per hour for tamariki over 3 years  $3.00 per hour n/a
Early Drop Off (This must be pre-booked)08:45 – No additional charge
08:30 – $4.25
08:45 – No additional charge
08:30 – $4.75
 Wet Bag $10.00 put on your account at enrolment  $10.00 put on your account at enrolment 

Please note – if you are eligible for 20 Hours ECE (tamariki over 3 yrs of age) – you no longer pay the $8.50 per hour (for the first 20 Hours – maximum of 6 hours per day). This is replaced with the Optional charge of $3.00 per child per hour up to 20 Hours per week.

See our 20 Hours ECE paperwork for what this contribution is used for.


Bambini Community – The required minimum weekly booking is 3 sessions.

Casa Community – The required minimum weekly booking is 3 full days.

20 Hours ECE

This is a Government scheme which currently allows 20 hours per week, Early Childhood Education, to every 3, 4 & 5 year old and MCHW supports this. 20 Hours ECE, as this is known, currently covers a maximum of 6 hours per day. Fees are no longer charged for hours which fit within the above guidelines.

Optional Charge

Montessori charges an optional fee of $3.00 per hour. This fee is used for employing staff over required ratios, Montessori training and purchasing Montessori specific resources, sunscreen, sunhats and morning kai.

Work and Income Subsidy – WINZ

Depending of your family circumstances you could be entitled to a subsidy towards your childcare fees from WINZ. To find out if you are eligible for a subsidy please phone them on 0800 559 009 or visit their website


We invoice fortnightly in arrears, via email. Please check with the office to ensure we have your correct email address. Payment is due immediately by direct credit/automatic payment into our bank account. Our bank details are available at the bottom of your invoice, please ensure you quote your name on the reference. As Montessori Children’s House Wānaka is a not for profit organisation we are completely dependent on fees and Ministry of Education funding as our main sources of income.

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